Please note that we change or adjust our terms and conditions from time to time.

By sending a booking request online, on phone or via email you confirm that you have read, understand and accept the following conditions:

1. You must ensure that the details provided while sending a booking request are correct. In case of any changes to the details supplied it wil be your responsibility to inform us about the changes in time. Salzburg Taxi will not be held responsible in case of any losses which might occur due to wrong booking details provided by you.

2. The prices shown on our webpage are non-binding until the confirmation of your booking request by us. However, we have the right to change the transfer price even after the confirmation of your booking request if the price is not suitable anymore because of the inevitable changes which have to be made in transfer route or if the transfer requires larger capacity e.g. more transportation vehicles than expected.

3. We are entitled to refuse any booking request sent by the client if it is not suitable to us or if we are unable to carry out the request due to non-availability of our drivers or service at the given date or time. In case we are unable to accept your booking request, we will inform you as soon as possible.

4. Changes to your booking details should be made as soon as possible, however, at least 48 hours before the pick up time. All amendments are subject to availability.

5. If you would like to cancel your booking, you must inform us about the cancellation per email as soon as possible. If you do not inform us about the cancellation of your booking at least 12 hours before the pick up time, we have a right to charge you 100 % of your booking price.

6. Our driver will wait for you at the agreed pick up point for maximum 60 minutes. If you are unable to locate the driver or require more time for baggage collection or lost luggage, it is your responsibility to inform us via phone under the number +43 664 9100912. If the waiting time exceeds the limit of 60 minutes after the pick up time, you may be asked to pay the compensation fees of 30 Euros per hour waiting time.

7. If your flight is delayed or arrives earlier than the agreed pick up time, we cannot ensure that there will be a driver available for you. In this case you should inform us as soon as possible so that we can arrange an alternative transfer for you.

8. If you have booked a return journey then you should inform the driver about your return pick up point and any changes regarding your return pick up time as he will be responsible for your return drive aswell, unless otherwise agreed.

9. Please make sure that you inform us about the correct number of your luggage while making a booking request, otherwise we will charge additional fees if the vehicle allocated for your transfer does not have the capacity for your luggage.

10. In some cases, especially during the season between December and March, the journey may take longer than expected because of any unforeseen event like extreme weather conditions, traffic jam etc. so that you should plan your journey and provide us your pick up and return details accordingly.

11. In case of any unforeseeable event like extreme weather conditions, road accidents, traffic jams etc. we cannot be held responsible for any delays or cancellation of our service.